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Fast food.  It’s everywhere!  You've got Burger King, Wendy’s, Jack In The Box, Taco Bell and the king of them all, Mickey D’s. The list is endless.  Much of the stuff you get is not very good, tasting like, well, fast food.  And to make it even worse, there is nothing healthy in about 95% of what you get.
Well, we have found an alternative here in Texas that has very good food, made fresh daily and actually might be good for you.  It’s called Taco Cabana, a chain of fast food Mexican restaurants with locations in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.  The first Taco Cabana was established on the corner of San Pedro and Hildebrand Avenues here in San Antonio in 1978 and now you can find them all over the area.  The closest one to Hidden Valley RV Park is located at 1633 SW Military Drive.
Joyce and I have eaten at several of the Taco Cabana’s and have found the food and service to be very good.  Our food has always been freshly prepared, with good ingredients and served in a timely manner.  One nice touch that we like is the fresh salsa bar that has several types of salsa’s ranging from mild to hot, sliced Jalapeno peppers, onions and freshly chopped cilantro and the freshest pico de gallo in town.  Yum, yum!
The menu at Taco Cabana is varied and includes tacos, quesadillas and fajitas.  The breakfast menu includes tacos, burritos with combo’s of both available.
Our favorite menu item is the “build your own” Cabana Bowls.  First you select if you want your bowl served in a crispy taco bowl or no shell at all.  Then you fill it up with your choice of beans (barracho, refried or black) and then choosing to add rice and salad.  Then you add the meat. of your choice.  There is taco meat, either beef or chicken or our favorite, fajita style, both steak or chicken.  As a finishing touch, you choose to add guacamole, cheese, sour cream and pico de gallo.  On a diet?  You can build a bowl that weights out at under 400 calories.  Build this big boy up with everything and it’s a lot of food!
Barry has tried the Fajita Taco Plate with chicken which he found to be outstanding.  We have been told the both the Cheese and Chicken Quesadillas are great as well.
A nice  feature on the Taco Cabana’s web site is you can print coupons for discounts.    Want a freebie?  Join the eClub and you’ll get a free Fajita Taco and a birthday gift.  For those on Weight Watchers or special diets, their website also has all the menu items with their nutritional information. 
So, if you are out and about and need something to eat that is fast and good, check out a Taco Cabana.  You won’t be disappointed.
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