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The NEW RV Gourmet Blog
From our Hidden Valley events and get togethers have evolved many a delicious taste experience.  Whether it's a guest contribution at one of our pot luck style theme meals or a concoction we serve up at one of our events, this new blog, the RV Gourmet,  will be cataloging the recipes we've made and have had shared with us, especially those easily adaptable to an outdoor or RV lifestyle.  I'll be adding about two recipes a month unless some extra time, or an unbelievable recipe comes my way that I can't wait to share.
The recipes will also be featured randomly in our bi-monthly newsletter, "Capers on the Creek."
Feel free to send us recipes you'd like to share.  If you can, include a picture.  Otherwise I'll have to make it first and take a photo before I publish it. It doesn't have to be a completely original recipe, just one adapted and suited to your RV lifestyle. Use of prepared and instant products is often welcomed in this fast paced day and age so don't hesitate to mention if you them.  Any submitted recipe will be credited to it's contributor so please include your name and any other info you'd like published with your recipe like it's history, when you serve it traditionally or any stories associated with it.
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