Nine Tips to Becoming a Smarter RVer

There are thousands of helpful web sites out there for RV’ers to use.  A Google search for “RV” will result in thousands of sites on every possible RV topic AND some that are scarcely related.  We've waded through many of them and the following sites have been a help to us and  will likely make your RV'ing life a little easier too.
Joyce and I a full-timers who use the internet extensively.  We use it to make campground reservations, research RV parks, find repair facilities, pay bills and much more.  In fact, we usually will not go to a place that has no cell service since that is how we connect to the internet and get our email. 
Listed below are some web sites that we use almost daily:
RV Park Reviews:  This is No. 1 of our “go to” sites.  Just as the name suggests, it is a site where travelers just like us write reviews of there stays at RV parks, state and national parks and campgrounds.  You can even find reviews of military RV parks and resorts.  Remember to take some reviews with a grain of salt since one or two bad reviews do not necessarily mean that the park is not good.  Everyone has a bad day now and then and no two persons like the exact same features and amenities.  You don’t have to register with the them to use the site but if you want to write a review yourself, registration is required.  Another review site is
RV USA:  This is one huge site.  I have been using this site for a couple of years now and have yet to see everything.  Want to find the address and phone number of a RV manufacturer?  RV USA has them all.  Want to find an online parts warehouse?  They got ‘um.  Did you know there is a RV Golfer Magazine?  Well, there is and a whole lot more magazines for the RV’er as well.
Hazardous Weather Warnings from the National Weather Service:  Have you started driving in the morning with beautiful, clear sky’s and by 11:00 you are in some of the worse thunderstorms you’ve ever seen and being bombed with golf ball sized hail?  I hope you have never had to experience something like that and this web site will help you stay away from any hazardous weather.  Take some time to learn the site well because when you really need the information you are looking for fast, then is not the time to do some browsing.
Free Campgrounds:  Want to save some money on campground fees.  Who doesn’t like saving money right?  This web site has an extensive list of free and very low cost camping and parking areas all over the country. Remember, many of these campgrounds have limited or no utilities. 
US Road Conditions:  Not only do you sometimes have bad weather to contend with out on the road, but road construction can be a real problem as well.  Although not updated as often as it should be, the site is still useful.  It provides live web cam views of many roadways.
America’s Byways One of the things Joyce and I like to do is explore America’s scenic wonders and this site helps us do that.  Links to all of America’s Scenic Byways and All-American Roads are listed along with descriptions, maps and other information.  You can order a free brochure here as well.
Roadside Find attractions and oddities to visit in all 50 states.  You can add your own findings as well.  Hidden Valley's San Antonio favorite is the Toilet Seat Museum.
RV Park Hunter: Claims to be a complete list of RV Park, Resort and Campground Web sites WITH photos for discerning RV travelers who want to see before they go . . .
RVThereYet    is a large, comprehensive RV directory on the Web. They list (15,600+) RV parks across the USA and Canada... as well as where to get fuel, supplies, RV stops, dump stations, products, parts, repairs, meals, discounts, Walmarts, RV Trip Planning Tools and much more. Whether you are tent camping or staying in a big rig recreational vehicle, everything you need is here.

If you have a favorite web site that you use, please send us a link  
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