New Twist on Boondocking

Motor home in the Arizona Desert
Deserts and out of the way places are often sought after by boondockers because of their beauty, tranquility and variety of landscapes.  But what about boondocking for some new reasons.

        • as a learning experience or
        • as a means to avail yourself of the freshest of vegetables and fruits, handmade cheeses or the finest of wines…as well as
        • Gorgeous scenery of a whole new variety AND
        • FREE RV sites.

Dairy and Agricultural Farms
This concept has been in operation in Europe for many years.  In France, Italy and Switzerland, fully self-contained RVers in a network of participating wineries, orchards and farms can park on these establishments for free.  After an RV tour of Europe, an experienced RVing couple, the Greene's, came to the conclusion that the United States was overdue for a similar program and proceeded to develop one.  Voila, Harvest Hosts, LLC!  On an interview with the Greenes, blogger Michelle Nowak asked them to briefly state the concept of “Harvest Hosts” their American version of their program:

“Harvest Hosts is a new, fun way for RVers to get off the main track and visit new places in more rural environments. We have put together a list of farms, wineries and other agricultural producers (orchards, lavender farms, llama and animal ranches) that not only are RV friendly, but feel that the RV traffic is so important to them that they are willing to let members stay overnight just for making the effort to visit them.

These farms, wineries, etc. are the Hosts for the evening. Members can stay for a maximum of 24 hours, unless members and Hosts work out a different agreement. We want to provide additional opportunities for RV owners to explore and enjoy the rural areas of America. Now, with Harvest Hosts, members can spend the night, parked for free, in the farmlands across the country, while supporting small mom & pop, family run operations.”

Family Run Wineries
Signing up for the program is only $20 for the first year.  While parked at these small businesses RVers can purchase the wares of the farm, orchard or winery if they desire.  There are currently 217 hosts in 48 states.  Even Texas has a few.  I've emailed some local wineries and farms about the new program and how they can benefit.  Hopefully San Antonio will soon be on the Harvest Host map.  You can find out all the details at the Harvest Host website.  Members positive testimonials are a prophesy for the success of  Harvest Host and maybe some other RV networks.  Great Britain has an idea the US could use...overnight RV stops at participating pubs.  Why not?  What a great way to travel!
RV here and have a beer with Norm & Cliff

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