Thing To Do Number Two - The Riverwalk Extension

San Antonio Museum of Art
I know I said I'd be focusing on the less famous things to do in this series and yes, I know, you've all heard of the Riverwalk and probably been there a time or two but...this is something fairly new.
In May of 2009 the latest Riverwalk project, slated to cost $279 million dollars when finished in 2014, was unveiled in it's first stages.  It's original phase added 1.3 miles to the original Riverwalk but the final project will include 13 miles extending north to Brackenridge Park and south to the San Antonio Missions.


For those of you who love the tropical and native South Texas landscaping of the original Riverwalk, there's much more of the same but whereas the original Riverbanks are flocked with scores of restaurants, shops, clubs, and theaters, the Museum Reach Extension, as it is now dubbed, encompasses the arts  and culture and beauty in a large way.  The SAMA (San Antonio Museum of Art) plays a big part in this art laden project but on the walk itself, many renowned artists make their mark.  Carlos Cortes, a famous faux bois artist has created a forest of realistic concrete trees near the Pearl Brewery Complex and also a unique grotto that visitors will actually walk behind.  
F.I.S.H. at sunset
F.I.S.H in daytime
Dinner Boat

These beautiful F.I.S.H installed by Philly artist, Donald Lipski can be found under the Interstate 35 bridge near Camden St.  If you're there in the evening not only can you see the luminescent F.I.S.H shine at dusk but you may be lucky enough to see the thousands of bats that whip out from underneath the bridge each evening.
Lower Boat Locks
Another highlight of the Riverwalk in general is the boat cruises, tours and taxis.  The Boat tour on the original Riverwalk is always a wonderful experience, but the Museum Reach currently only supports the River taxis.  These taxis can be haled at several spots along the Reach and have the added interest of the new lock system to facilitate the smooth movement of the boats along the San Antonio River.   
The lush tropical landscaping and native flora are and outstanding feature and rival the already meticulous gardens of the original Riverwalk.
Tropical Beauty
Native Wildflowers
The Historic Pearl Brewery is now the location for the New Pearl Complex and the Pearl Farmers Market.  This spot is NOT TO BE MISSED.  Local farmers, producers of various foodstuffs, cheese makers and meat processors are on hand every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm, ready to sell their produce and share their preparation secrets.  Some trendy restaurants are in the complex and if you get there early enough a regaled local chef will prepare one of his masterpieces for all to sample.  About half way through the affair, music begins, performed by local musicians and singers. 
This venue would be the start of my day visiting the New Museum Reach, with a northward walk to the SAMA (San Antonio Museum of Art) and a southward river taxi south toward the original Riverwalk for lunch.  


Recently the Southern Extension, the Mission Reach has been begun and opened for walkers.  The cruise boats will follow shortly as the project nears completion.  This section extends to the Mission Trail and sites of the historic Missions in San Antonio.  

When you come to visit or if you already have, fill me in on any new spots I may have missed, there are new ones popping up every week it seems.  ENJOY!

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