Trip Routing, FREE and EASY

There are hundreds of trip routing softwares, websites and services out there but I just came across a real quick and easy one and it's FREE.  Trailer Life registration is required but that is also free and takes only a few moments.  The longest part for me was picking a display name that hadn't been taken.  They must have a zillion members because I went through a dozen nicknames before I could find one that wasn't in use already.  So pick a unique one.  Register for their newsletter too.  Lot's of good tips (like this one)  and they don't barrage you with ads.

All the program involves is adding the start and finish addresses and a list of directions is provided along with an interactive map allowing you to adjust your route if desired.  The route can include several choices of attractions that you pick from a list,  For example, State Parks, private campgrounds, Good Sam Parks, RV Service Centers, restaurants, and other points of interest.  It can also inform you of low bridges, weight restrictions and hairpin turns.  You can also points of your own choosing.  You get the total miles so you can break up your trip into segments if you'd like and know exactly where your next available campground, Walmart or rest stop  will be.  Then PRINT and enjoy your next RV trip, short or extended.
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