New Camping Product

Check this out! Can't wait to see one up close and personal. Coming soon to a campground near you may be the newest twist on camping: the Wacky Shack Bungalow.
This weekend, at Bass Pro Shop’s Fall Hunter’s Classic, Fast Master Products Inc. of Katy, Texas, will introduce Wacky Shack Bungalows, according to a news release. The six-person sleeping unit, made of heavy duty 14-oz. waterproof canvas, featuring a heater port, Flood Guard flooring, Rain Shield 99 Technology, and a heavy duty steel support and frame system, is mounted on the no fishtail, no jackknife swivel wheel transporter unit.
Included with all units, is a 14′ x 8′ “Patio cover” which can be easily converted to sleep six more adults comfortably, with the optional party room attachment. The entire unit collapses into a 5′ x 6′ x 8″ portable package, with a dirt-, dust- and rain-proof, soft PVC cover.
It can be pulled by most rear-wheel drive cars, crossovers, SUVs, small trucks or full-size trucks, with a class III or higher receiver package. It will not jackknife or fishtail, eliminating the need to know how to back a trailer, because it simply tracks with the towing vehicle.
For 2010, look for Hidden Valley RV Park to add a rest area with shower and a new laundry facility. These bungalows would be welcome once the addition is finished. Call in advance for reservations and info.

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