The Holidays, San Antonio Style

A melting Pot of Cultures and Traditions

San Antonio is a city full of culture and tradition during the holidays. With cultural roots ranging from German to Mexican to Belgian, the holidays in the Alamo City are unlike anywhere else! To help you celebrate like a true San Antonian, the next few posts will take you through a virtual tour of the traditions and customs many San Antonians enjoy.

Every year in early December, which is when the GERMANS begin to celebrate the holiday, they don a large Christmas tree and hold the Kristkindlmarkt a traditional German Christmas Outdoor Market with Hand Crafted Gifts, Clothing, Crafts, Jewelry, Florals, Arrangements, Decorations, Gingerbread Houses, Pottery, Baskets, Ornaments, Quilts, Quillows & More. Attendees can savor and enjoy the German Christmas atmosphere, foods, beverages, music, entertainment, shopping... the "Gemuetlichkeit" of the holiday season. A special visit from Nikolaus (Santa Claus) for the Children. Admission is Free . Some featured German delicacies include Erbsensuppe (Split Pea Soup), Bratwurst mit Sauerkraut, Ruben Sandwich, Kaffee und Kuchen, Gluehwein (warm, spiced wine), bier and Heisse und Kalte Getraenke.

Instead of just one Santa, Germans have two: St. Nick and Father Christmas, who wears a long dark robe and carries a sack of gifts. When the season begins children are to leave their shoes, (not stockings) at the door for St Nick so he can fill them with cookies and candy, but only if they were good. Bad children receive coal.
Next time you look at your tree, thank the Germans. Traditionally, Germans purchase the tree the morning of Christmas eve and decorate it in the evening using white and silver colors. Children aren't allowed to see the tree till later in the evening and enjoy the fun tradition of searching for the HIDDEN pickle ornament on the tree.
You won't have far to search for HIDDEN VALLEY RV if you come to visit our cultural city. Give me a call or drop a comment on our blog to get any travel details you'd like about South Texas and San Antonio.
Tomorrow, Ill report on some Mexican Traditions and customs and finish up with San Antonio's unique brand of Christmas traditions drawn from all it's varied residents from around the globe.
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