Winter???in Texas

Hello Rvers
Yes, winter is beginning to set in. Our cold, daytime 70 degree temps and nights at 60 degrees are cold for many south Texans but just perfect for travelers from the North. Many are enjoying our country setting only a few miles from the beautiful city of San Antonio. One of my favorite spots in SA is "The Marketplace" or "El Mercado," in Spanish (outdoor portion is pictured above.)This spot offers an outdoor walk through an exciting row of local shops, a farmers market and a unique attraction featuring a reproduction of the streets of Old Mexico where the vendors share their wares - from Mexican hats and ponchos to wrought iron and ceramics. Many San Antonio specialties and foods are also featured. This "street" is actually indoors and includes a casual dining plaza where you can enjoy a health food shake, a Mexican taco, a latte or a margarita, your choice--while you browse. Best of all, just in case the weather is too hot or a little damp, the whole plaza is disguised with a cover from the outdoors, to exclude the extremes of heat and humidity that Southern climates can afford.
Please call to check availability at our location. If we're full we'll try to locate a spot for you nearby.
Looking forward to sharing some "Southern Hospitality."
"Happy Camping"
Mark and Teri
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