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Hidden Valley RV Park From Above

These sites are 500 feet up the hill from our Medio Creek area.  They are available for seasonal and extended stay guests and short term guests when available.  70' plus long pads with 24 to 36' wide yards.  All sites have 30 amp, 50 amp and 110 GFCI outlets, fresh city water and convenient sewer hookups. Many of these have concrete pads and patios and stunning sunset views.  Check out our rates and call for extended stays of a month or more.  For extended stay details and availability call 210-422-7608

 These sites below are just across from the Medio Creek which follows the tree line on the left.  They have both 30 and 50 amp outlets, sewer and water hookups. Available at weekly and nightly rates only, the Creekside sites offer more of a "camping" feel due to a more random site placement, trees around the perimeter and the meandering Medio Creek across the street.  For reservations and to check availability please book online here:  BOOK NOW

RV Sites on the Medio Creek
Creekside Aerial from back of park 
Creekside Aerial from front of park

RV's backed into FHU Sites with trees
 Creek-side Backins, sites 10 -13 are 30 amp(from the left starting at #10), 14-20 have both 30 & 50 Amp

Creekside Premium sites 14-16.  Back in full hook up sites, with partial shade at least part of the day.

Creek Pull Thrus 5-9
Spacious Creekside Pull thrus

Large RV in Pull Thru Site 
Creekside sites 5-9 are Spacious pull thrus with 30 and 50amp full hook ups, great for any rig or trailer but especially nice if you don't want to unhook a tow dolly or your truck from your trailer.  Also great for those who need a clear view of the sky for satellite dishes.



Tent camping is now available along the Medio Creek! 
A new area is open at Hidden Valley RV Park for tent camping and fishing with several shaded sites along the creek. You may book online for $35/n. Restrooms and showers are on property but at quite a distance from the tent sites. (About 700' up the hill)

Family Fishing on Medio Creek
The private Medio Creek is a great place to teach little ones to fish

Roadrunner Crossing has both back in and pull thru sites with full hooks and both 30 and 50 amp service at each site.  These sites are in our seasonal and extended stay area on the Top of the Valley but travelers are welcome to use them if any are available.

Roadrunner Crossing Sites 1-12

Full Service Back ins. Sites 51-62 Roadrunner Crossing are full service backins with spacious yards a cement patio with picnic table and a tree line that blocks a large amount of the hot afternoon sun but still leaves enough open air to easily access satellite if you use it.

Back of 61

The Sunset Peninsula sites (22-28b) are also back ins with concrete pads but are set atop an embankment above the Medio Creek reaching the treetops.

29 Summer
30 Summer
The Sunset Strip sites (33-39)are all back ins with concrete pads and full hook ups.  They overlook a hill reaching down to the Medio Creek and facing the Southwest for stunning sunset views.

35 Summer

Back in Site on Roadrunner CrossingSite 51 is representative of Roadrunner 51-62 Backins
RV Site With Patio and picnic table
Site 54
Pull Thru RV Sites 63 - 74
 Site 65, Full hook Up Pull Thru on the top of the Valley
Site 63, Full hook Up Pull Thru on the top of the Valley w/ concrete patio
Site 67, Full hook Up Pull Thru on the top of the Valley w/ concrete patio
Site 73, Full hook Up Pull Thru on the top of the Valley

 The two below sites are representative of our Deluxe sites (75-79).  They all have double sized yards and an 80' concrete pad and patio. 75,77 & 79 have patios closer to the front of the pad, 76 & 78 have a patio close to the back of the pad.

Join us at our Saturday Night Roaming Campfires
RVers around the campfire making memories

 Our gated, dry storage area has long and short term availability for RV's and boats. Whether you live nearby and need a place for your RV or you'll be taking a cruise or flight back home, your RV may stay with us.  Winter Texans: park here during the summer and save the fuel on getting back to Texas and Hidden Valley, your Texas Winter retreat.

K-9 Corral is always available for your fur babies to roam free!
Doggie bags are provided here and throughout the park.

Fenced In Dog Park

K-9 Corral Dog Park


Registration/Store building
The Trading Post houses modern bath houses and a laundry facility.

Our Trading Post serves as our Registration/Welcome Center and Office.  We also provide several convenience items for sale here as well as the most requested RV supplies.  Also a site of impromptu gatherings, Brew-tiful Saturdays with coffee and sweets, Rock painting fun,  some business center needs like printing, scanning or faxing, TV and more.

Laundry Facility

Hidden Valley RV Park Bathrooms

Bath House Entrances
Bath Houses include 1 ADA accessible bathroom.  All are equipped with roomy shower, commode and sink.
Group gathering at the Tejas Pavilion

"Tejas" means friend or friendly in the language of the earliest Texans and that'll be a large purpose of Hidden Valley's new Pavilion...a place to meet, make and greet friends, new and old. We can't wait to share it with all our Hidden Vallians! The Pavilion is the new site for many of Hidden Valley RV Parks events, potlucks and our roaming weekly campfires. 

Tables, chairs and fireplace for group gatherings

Check out some of the wildlife we've seen around our park!

Nine Banded Armadillo
Nine Banded Armadillo
Grey Fox
Grey Fox
Red Tailed Hawk
White Egrits Roosting near the creek
Egrets Roosting
Tom Turkeys
Turtles on the Medio Creek

Texas River Cooter

Small Mouthed Bass
  Small Mouthed Bass

One the many doe


Eileen Semlali said...

I love being a part of this RV community, so peaceful and pleasant that I think of it as heaven on earth. I checked out the surrounding RV parks before settling on Hidden Valley RV Park, and after a year of parking, I know I have made the right choice in finding a great location to stay for an extended amount of time while working in the San Antonio area. If you are looking for a safe, friendly, problem free parking in the San Antonio Area, look no further, this is the place: And Hidden Valley RV Park accommodating location as far as Country Living can provide. I hope my comment will help you in your decision to come check out the park and stay awhile. Take your shoes of and relax. Great for all those whom have to travel for work.

Hidden Valley RV Park said...

Thanks Eileen, happy to have you as part of our Hidden Valley family.

Jennifer said...

My fiance and I have been here a few months and we just love it here it's so peaceful and quiet. We love how everyone here is so nice. We are either walking or driving and everyone says hi everyone is so friendly. I'm really glad we choose this RV Park compared to others and i would recommend this place to anyone

Jeff said...

Can the rv spots be reserved for a weekend getaway or is it only monthly?

Hidden Valley RV Park said...

Hey Jeff, we are a weekend getaway too. You may reserve on line at the BOOK NOW button on our websites or give us a call at 210.623.6737. Thanks for your interest and come see us soon. Teri

Anonymous said...

Do you have any you have for rent?

Hidden Valley RV Park said...

Currently, our cottage and RV accommodations are booked at least through the end of 2022. They are available only on a month to month term but neither are available at this time. Thanks

Anonymous said...

What is the rates? I have a 380md Volante fifthwheel and it's just the wife and me w/1dog and would be staying for up to 2-3yrs oh and how is the weather year round? I can't do really cold weather! Lol thanks Dave

Anonymous said...

Please call our reservation office at 210.623.6737 for those pricing and availability details.
Our San Antonio weather is relatively mild in the winter.

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